Wednesday, 26 October 2011

What Is A Beautiful Nightmare?

Welcome to A Beautiful Nightmare!
   In this foreword I will just explain to you what exactly the concept for this series is so that it will actually make some sort of sense to you, the reader. It states on the cover of the first story that this is Season 1 Episode 1. This may have seem somewhat curious as that terminology is generally used to describe a television series, as opposed to a series of novels. Let me explain why this was used.
    A Beautiful Nightmare is quite unlike any other series of novels that has come onto the market. While there have existed sagas of novels that tell a story for quite some time, the concept for this series is entirely new.
    A Beautiful Nightmare is more like a television series. Not in the way that the finished product is created or it is presented, but in the way in which it is released. Most television series in the UK have one season a year consisting of 13 episodes, which is then broadcast. The concept for A Beautiful Nightmare is similar.
    Around every month there is a new story released, a new ‘episode’ as it were. Assuming the series had started, by this time next year comes around, there will have been a total of 13 ‘episodes’ (AKA novels) released. If you have readall in the series, you will have a complete season of 13 stories.
   If you are any good at maths, you will notice that it doesn’t quite add up. There are only twelve months in a year, and yet I plan to release 13 episodes at the rate of one a month. I must admit I lied. There will be one episode released per month, except for two months when there will be two episodes released. This means that there is one month where there are no novels released. This is what I like to call a ‘mid-season’ break.
   Several episodes of the series end on a cliff-hanger, meaning to reach closure on the story, it is necessary to purchase the following episode. I understand that this may be a slightly expensive exercise, hence the breaks. The first falls between Episodes 6 and 7. The next occurs after the end of the season (Episode 13), where there will be a two month break.  Following this, the following season will commence and the entire process will repeat again.
   There are many advantages of releasing a saga in this way. The first is that it allows for immense depth in terms of character and development. During the first season alone, the characters both minor and major will develop in ways that they are almost unrecognisable from their very first appearance.
   The second advantage is that it allows me to write cliff-hangers. In most novel sagas, they very rarely end on a cliff-hanger. This may be because that there will be quite a wait in-between novels. As you now know this is not the case with A Beautiful Nightmare. You, at worst, have to wait two months to find out the resolution. One thing to know about cliff-hangers in this saga. The mid-season cliff-hangers usually end on a jaw-dropping twist that will change the course of the following seven episodes. However, the final episodes of the season cliff-hangers are usually massive and change the way in which the characters and the scenarios are understood. These cliff-hangers are often referred to as ‘Game-Changers’ as they radically change the series and make you re-evaluate everything you thought you knew, up to this point.
    Anyway, I should probably stop blabbing and let your appetites be whetted for the very first Beautiful Nightmare. Keep checking the blog for updates. Anyway, what follows is a short extract. Hope you like it!

   Two men entered the room. They were two very different individuals. The first Jason noticed was the tall dark purple haired man with light yellowy gold skin. He stared at the man who was quite good-looking. He had incredibly green eyes, like nothing Jason had ever seen before. Over a white t-shirt, he was wearing a light blue jacket that was unzipped at the front. He was wearing denim jeans that were quite tight-fitting showing off his long legs. The man was wearing red sneakers that looked quite worn. He was quite thin, but had visibly good muscle tone. Jason could tell that this yellow-skinned man had good fashion sense, dressing like they didn’t get stressed very easily. It was quite an achievement. In short, Jason was drawn to him instantly.
   The other man had an entirely different dress sense. This man had a large shock of red hair and was short and fat. He was wearing a black bikie jacket that covered a singlet. The man was wearing a belt that held among other things an imposing handgun. The man wore dark black pants and boots that looked fierce. The thing that he noticed most about this man was the hair. It looked like it had been dipped in blood and the man had an air that struck Jason with sheer terror. What struck him most however were the man’s eyes. They were red, in pools of blackness. As he stared into them, he thought he might lose his mind. He forced himself to look away and closed his eyes.
   When he opened them the red-haired man began to speak. “Welcome to the Body. I’m Leader and this useless individual here is Cameron”. Jason recognised the voice immediately. It was one of the voices in his head, the one that had urged the other man with threats and violence.
   The purple haired man that Leader had stated was named Cameron stepped forward. He offered his hand, ready for Jason to shake it. With one, sudden, violent move Leader hit the hand down with the handle of the gun. He must have unholstered it. A sharp crack echoed through the room. Dr Gray pulled Cameron aside to help with the wound.
   Jason watched the horrific scene in shock. Who was this person? What gave him the right to do this? To use such violence and not bat an eyelid? He then realised that Leader was addressing him.
   “Get up. Stop lying down. Get up!”
   Jason, not wanting to encounter Leader’s wrath, attempted to get up. He stood for a moment and then collapsed.
   “What? You lazy bastard. Get up!”
    So, Jason tried again. The same thing happened. With each attempt, Jason was getting progressively weaker. The strength in his arms was disappearing and his legs were not willing to take his weight. By the third attempt, he knew that this would be the last time. He collapsed again as he was overcome by pain.
   Dr Gray knew he had to speak up. He knew what the consequences were, but knew he had to help. Even if he could give Cameron a moment to muster the strength to help Jason, then what he was about to do would not be in vain. He whispered to Cameron; “I’m sorry I can’t let this go on anymore.”
   Cameron was still in great pain from his hand, but whispered back to Dr Gray. “Please, no. You know what he will do. Please!”
   Dr Gray didn’t listen. Instead, he stood up and walked over to Leader. He began to speak. “Leader, he isn’t strong enough yet. You know that this process takes time. We can’t rush this along. Death is the only way that we can get people in here, but it takes a lot out of you. Please, Jason is just a boy. He is only 17. He isn’t strong enough yet. Leave him alone.”
   Leader wasn’t listening.
   “Can’t you hear me? I said leave him alone.” Dr Gray grabbed Leader by the shoulder and then he knew. He had just signed his death certificate.
   Leader grabbed the gun from the holster and fired. Jason watched the bullet. It was odd. It was like time seemed to slow down just for the instrument of death. As such, Dr Gray’s pain was far more excruciating. In a normal situation, when a person is shot straight through the heart, death is almost instaneous. You don’t really feel the pain. Leader didn’t like this idea. He liked to see his victims suffer for as long as possible and he had worked with someone to invent the time-lapse gun. When he shot someone, time would slow down around the bullet. As such, the person’s death lasted an excruciating three minutes. Firstly, the bullet entered the skin, broke the rib cage and pierced the heart, letting the seconds pass as it did so. Once it had completed its mission, the bullet would return to normal time and shoot out the back, covering the nearest person in blood and gore. Leader wasn’t the nicest person you are ever likely to meet.