Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The TMT 20: Sunday, 29 April 2012

I know I haven't been doing the Production Notes for ages, but life has the unfortunate impact of getting in the way of things. Anyway, I discovered that Windows Media Player has the ability to count how many times you listen to songs, which is pretty awesome. Being an author I listen to a lot of music because it can often inspire an incredible idea. Take the No.1 song "The Siren's Call". That inspired a whole plot line for a Doctor Who saga. That's probably why that's No. 1 actually. I like to play it in a loop, so that any inspiration isn't lost and as such you tend to listen to the song a lot of times. Anyway, you will notice that Alexander Rybak appears about four times on the list. This is because his songs are awesome as well as the other reasons listed in other posts. This post will now reoccur every week, hopefully posted on a Monday. But you know, life gets in the way.
1.       The Siren’s Call by Darren Hayes (73)
2.       My Heart Is Yours by Didrik Solli-Tangen (65)
3.       Roll With The Wind by Alexander Rybak (55)
4.       Mike Teavee from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (50)
5.       First Kiss by Alexander Rybak (49)
6.       Animal by Glee Cast (49)
7.       Oah by Alexander Rybak (45)
8.       Europe’s Skies by Alexander Rybak (43)
9.       Angel by Katherine Jenkins (43)
10.   It Is You (I Have Loved) by Dana Glover (39)
11.   Titanium by David Guetta feat. Sia (38)
12.   Set Fire To The Rain by Adele (37)
13.   Let It Be by the Beatles (37)
14.   Save You by Simple Plan (37)
15.   We Are Young by fun. (36)
16.   Shake It by Metro Station (36)
17.   Enchanted by Taylor Swift (35)
18.   Break Of Dawn by Eric Saade (34)
19.   What The Hell by Avril Lavigne (33)
20.   The Phantom of the Opera (film version) (33)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Cat, the Writer and the Musician

Or: A Beautiful Nightmare Production Notes Volume Two
Hello All!
Welcome to the second weekly update post in three weeks. Before you ask, last week computers were an issue here at the school so it was just a nightmare, and not a good nightmare, either. One of those terrible ones, like an Edgar Allan Poe story.
   Talking about Edgar Allan Poe, I have recently begun reading his stories because I wanted something sophisticated to read, after the books I have been reading lately. Also, I realised as I am a writer I should probably read the classics and see why other texts are well regarded. My goodness me, Poe is a genius. While the first story I read, A TALE OF THE RAGGED MOUNTAINS, didn't grip me whatsoever, the second story I read, THE BLACK CAT, is quite simply brillaint! I had already been writing about a cat within the saga named Lexus and this just really gave me more ideas. Plus, there is a quote within that novel which will be used within book one. I have decided to put a quote before each part as it adds both sophistication and sets up expectations for the following few pages.
   Also within the last couple of weeks a number of other things have been updated, corrected and fixed. The villain for the sixth episode, tentatively titled House at the End of the World, has actually been created and she may make a further appearance within the series. One of the most important expansions however was on episode two, tentatively titled Burden of Responsibility. Before this time, I knew what had to happen in this episode, but it was beginning to feel fractured and not as focussed and interesting as the first novel. Now, after a genius idea, this novel has much more of a focus, and it may or may not include a reference to the biggest promotional thing for charity this year...
  Finally, the Musician of the title refers to the fact that I have now sort-of dreamcasted Maize. The television program Austin and Ally (ah, it's hillarious and pretty clever) stars a guy named Ross Lynch. He may be my dreamcast Maize. A) He's very, very cute (crushing out!) and B) He can sing and is a good actor. Plus, he has the most gorgeous smile. On the downside however I think he may be too light an actor to portray the role with the depth that I really want for Maize. Sorry, that sounded rude, but he is primarily a comedy actor which he's great at, but I don't have the knowledge of his ability at drama. Will keep you posted as to that dream development.
Two final things I have to say this week. 1) Occasionally, I will post quotes on the blog which are inspiring or moving or clever. These will be labelled Quotes to Inspire and you will have noticed the Dr Suess one below this post. 2) the image to the left of this block of text is my third attempt at a cover for book one, with my cover cast. Maize is a guy called Kevin from BirdSisterStock on DevinantArt, Leader is another stock account which name escapes me and Cameron is Alexander Rybak, a Norwegian singer. I know I shouldn't have a celebrity on the cover, but Rybak is so deeply engrained within my vision of Cameron that I can't think of anyone else to play him. He's just perfect.
On that note, I shall wish you adieu.
James Gardiner, The Author
PS: The novel now has 64,000 words and is about 5/8 of the way through I think. This week's clue? "Beware of ceiling water." Cryptic, huh?
PPS: You want an image of Ross Lynch from Austin and Ally? Well, if I must I must. :D

Quotes to Inspire #1

“Unless someone like you cares
a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better.
It's not.”
Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Redar, Phoenix and Harrington

Or: A Beautiful Nightmare Production Notes Volume One
Hello all!
Welcome to the weekly update post on which I shall inform you as to how the saga is progressing, which new characters have been invented and basic ideas for plotlines. Of course, I won't give away exact details, otherwise you probably wouldn't be all that interested in reading the novels. I, however, will hint away to my heart's content!
  This week I have really been developing the basic concepts that I had outlined earlier but hadn't expanded upon. Ideas such as Harrington High (the school which several of the main characters attend) and the extremely basic sketch I had for episode six of season one have all now been greatly expanded. However, perhaps this week's main planning change was to the character of Phoenix. She is Maize's adopted sister and she was annoying me. I had very little planned for her during the first season and she doesn't really have any really
notable plots that will cause the entire saga to develop and move forward. It was incredibly frustrating and was considering removing her entirely.
  Fortunately, this week, I have greatly expanded on the slight character sketch that was lacking and now she has a number of fascinating key plotlines within the first season which really help to develop both her and the entire saga, which is always a good thing. To celebrate, I decided that Phoenix's new personality meant that she should have a new and interesting promotional image. The image attached to this post (the really orange one) is now Phoenix's character shot. She is now a much clearer picture inside my own mind and hopefully that will translate well to the page!
   Now, to give you a proper little hint as to where the novel is actually going at the current time (ATM there are 56,000 words, but I would like to get to around 70,000, but if there is less or more, it's not really a massive issue). At the moment, the largest clue I can give you about book one is "the Unknown Soldier started it all". It all shall become clear... soon. I promise.
Until next week,
James Gardiner,
The Author