Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Redar, Phoenix and Harrington

Or: A Beautiful Nightmare Production Notes Volume One
Hello all!
Welcome to the weekly update post on which I shall inform you as to how the saga is progressing, which new characters have been invented and basic ideas for plotlines. Of course, I won't give away exact details, otherwise you probably wouldn't be all that interested in reading the novels. I, however, will hint away to my heart's content!
  This week I have really been developing the basic concepts that I had outlined earlier but hadn't expanded upon. Ideas such as Harrington High (the school which several of the main characters attend) and the extremely basic sketch I had for episode six of season one have all now been greatly expanded. However, perhaps this week's main planning change was to the character of Phoenix. She is Maize's adopted sister and she was annoying me. I had very little planned for her during the first season and she doesn't really have any really
notable plots that will cause the entire saga to develop and move forward. It was incredibly frustrating and was considering removing her entirely.
  Fortunately, this week, I have greatly expanded on the slight character sketch that was lacking and now she has a number of fascinating key plotlines within the first season which really help to develop both her and the entire saga, which is always a good thing. To celebrate, I decided that Phoenix's new personality meant that she should have a new and interesting promotional image. The image attached to this post (the really orange one) is now Phoenix's character shot. She is now a much clearer picture inside my own mind and hopefully that will translate well to the page!
   Now, to give you a proper little hint as to where the novel is actually going at the current time (ATM there are 56,000 words, but I would like to get to around 70,000, but if there is less or more, it's not really a massive issue). At the moment, the largest clue I can give you about book one is "the Unknown Soldier started it all". It all shall become clear... soon. I promise.
Until next week,
James Gardiner,
The Author