Thursday, 13 June 2013

Artist Of The Week: Le Kid

Ah, music. I listen to far too much of it. Really, it's a problem. Anyway, because I realised that I listen to a lot of bands, singers and music that no-one has heard of, I thought I'd start up a new regular blog thing, where I draw your attention to a band that I think rules. Let me know what other singers to listen to, so I can have an even bigger problem. Jokes :)
   Anyway, let's start with the one I'm obsessed with this week. Last week, I went on a massive YouTube download fest, using Wikipedia's list of gay singers as my guide (yes, really) and somehow, despite this band not being on that list, I discovered this band, Le Kid.
   According to Wiki, they're a Swedish pop band that formed in 2008, but most of their songs are from their debut album Oh Alright (which is almost impossible to find. It is on Amazon, though, but expensive) and quite simply they're completely awesome.
   From first hearing the song 'We Are The Drums' (which has such a great pop, dancy beat. Links are to Youtube clips by the way), I almost instantly became obsessed with them, but then when I saw the video for 'We Should Go Home Together' (linked below), it was freefal into obsession. That song is wonderfully, ridiculously catchy (like most of their songs actually) and has a fantastic video (featuring some very attractive men in skimpy clothing and the female singers of the band in sailor outfits. C'mon this has huge gay following just waiting to happen!
   Most of their other songs are equally as good. 'Mercy, Mercy' was a song I initially didn't like as much, but it's growing on me (with a brillaint beat and catch cry; "We are the L-E K-I-D, the only thing your momma ever want to see!"). 'America' and 'Oh My God' I haven't listened to enough, but they already sound fantastic. Oh, and all of the other songs on the album rule.
   Rounding out their discography is 'Human Behaviour' (which clearly has been influenced by Madonna's 'Hung Up' and 'Phyiscal' but has a great dancy feel) and this year's single 'We Are Young' which is one of my favourite songs of theirs.
   Anyway, Le Kid rules, so get on it. Oh and to prove it to you, here's the video for 'We Should Go Home Together'.
See I told you they were awesome!

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