Monday, 17 June 2013

Film Review: Imagine Me & You (2005)

This film is that very, very rare thing; a modern widely released romcom that is about a couple other than a man and a woman and a gay film with a beautiful happy ending. There's a fairly worrying trend within gay films (or at least the ones I have seen so far) that the couples within always end up seperating or their fate is left ambiguous. A major reason for this could be that they are mainly coming out stories, stories of the search for acceptance. What differs this film (and others which have a more hopeful ending) is that it focusses on the love story at the film's core. It makes it a for more uplifting experience, as throughout this film, you get the feeling that these two women are destined to be together. It helps significantly that the two leads are such wonderful actresses and have an incredible connection that just lights up the screen whenever they are together. Piper Perabo is an incredibly skilled actress, but her love interest is the great Lena Headey with a performance that grounds the film, stopping it from becoming too soppy (which is always a danger with romcoms), and almost making me forget that she also plays Cersei in Game Of Thrones, a completely different role. All of the characters are sympathetic and it has a wonderfully upbeat soundtrack, with a final scene that had made me laugh and filled me with optimism about the hope of finding true love. Absolutely one of the best films I've seen about gay issues possibly because it doesn't touch on them. This is far more than a 'gay' movie, it's a beautiful, uplifiting romance. Highly recommended.
I think you know immediately. You know, as soon as your eyes….Then everything that happens from then on just proves that you had been right in that first moment, when you suddenly realised you had been incomplete and now you are whole.   
- Luce, Imagine Me & You

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