Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Queers At The Drive-In: Camp Takota (2014)

Hi all,
Queer film week continues with Camp Takota, the long-awaited film from Youtube's Holy Trinity, which was amazing but not quite gay enough, so I've also viewed the beautiful Brazilian short film, I Don't Want To Go Back Alone (which can be viewed online). I didn't know it at the time, but this is soon to be made into a feature film which is just awesome. That is so going on my must watch list! Tomorrow's film is a movie I've wanted to see for ages, but now the thought of watching it is beginning to make me a bit nervous! It's an extremely obscure film, but it looks awesome! See you then!

Camp Takota
2014, US, Directed by Chris & Nick Riedell
Before I go any further, I must first apologise yet again. This time I haven’t spoiled the movie, just that Camp Takota has about two references to alternate sexualities. However, it is filled with about a hundred other delights. This was an incredibly anticipated film. Coming from Youtube’s Holy Trinity of DailyGrace, HannahHart and MamrieHart, it was something that really threatened to pass under my radar. However, after pressure on Tumblr and from Tyler Oakley grew, I finally bought and downloaded the film. I am extremely happy that I did. I don’t know what I was expecting this film, but it wasn’t to be so moved and inspired by it’s warmth. I also wasn’t expecting Mamrie (one of my favourite Youtubers and how I was introduced to the Camp Takota film) to play such a big role. The film was hilarious, particularly when Mamrie and Hannah ‘do the Herp’, which just makes me laugh just thinking about it, but it was also heartfelt, making you care about all three central characters. You really want the best for them and the strange yet wonderful summer camp that most of the film is set. Whenever I watch anything with a summer camp movie, I always get mildly jealous and a little sad that the idea never really caught on over here. They seem like so much fun! The film’s just a triumph of witty screenwriting, beautiful photography and awesome character interaction. The best scenes of the movie are when all three girls are interacting together. Their friendship seems genuinely real and this adds so much to the story. One of the most likable and uplifting movies I’ve seen in some time, it’s just glorious. Watch it now!
Sex/Nudity: 1 (some hilarious references but nothing too rude)
Glamorousness: N/A
Stereotypes: 2 (the story itself is stereotypical but the relationship between the characters is unlike anything I’ve seen before)
Best Scene: Do The Herp
Overall Verdict: 9

Eu Nao Quero Voltar Sozinho
(I Don't Want To Go Back Alone)
2010, Brazil, Directed by Daniel Ribeiro
I’m often surprised by how awesome short films are. It’s a form which I’ve had some prejudice before in the past. Like short stories, I couldn’t see how you could tell emotionally relevant and sweeping stories in less than half an hour. But recently, I’ve discovered a few film shorts which I’ve just found absolutely amazing. First there was Love Is All You Need (the devastating film where all the world is gay. Just thinking about that brings me to tears) then more and more, generally found because of my tumblr. I Don’t Want To Back Alone, a Brazillian short film, was one such find. It was so, so beautiful. The love story is something that really tugs at your heartstrings as you grow to adore these characters, even though the film only goes for 17 minutes. It manages to pack so much emotion and angst in some truly evocative shots. The scene where the main character breathes in the other guy’s sweat shirt is one of the most aching depictions of desire I’ve ever seen. After watching this, I was on a cloud and listened to Taylor Swift’s ‘Enchanted’. This is what queer cinema should be, uplifting and brave.
Sex/Nudity: 1 (a very small but adorable kiss)
Glamorousness: 3 (none of the characters here are over glamourised. They feel real).
Stereotypes: 1 (featuring a guy who just happens to be blind with a really moving and intriguing storyline, this smashes stereotypes to pieces)
Best Scene: It’s the boy in the bedroom, not the girl!
Overall Verdict: 10

See you all tomorrow!

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