The Doctor Who Chronology

The First Doctor

1.2 The Daleks
1.3 The Edge Of Destruction
1.4 Marco Polo
MA12. The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Christopher Bulis
1.5 The Keys Of Marinus
1.6 The Aztecs
1.7 The Sensorites
1.8 The Reign Of Terror
PDA9. The Witch Hunters
PDA25. City At World's End
2.1 Planet Of Giants
PDA75. The Time Travellers
2.2 The Dalek Invasion Of Earth
MA3. Venusian Lullaby
2.3 The Rescue
PDA44. Byzantium!
2.4 The Romans
PDA66. The Eleventh Tiger
2.5 The Web Planet
2.6 The Crusade
2.7 The Space Museum
MA28. The Plotters
2.8 The Chase
2.9 The Time Meddler
10.1 The Three Doctors
MA16. The Empire Of Glass
3.1 Galaxy 4
3.2 Mission To The Unknown
3.3 The Myth Makers
3.4 The Daleks' Master Plan
20.7 The Five Doctors
3.5 The Massacre
PDA18. Salvation
3.6 The Ark
3.7 The Celestial Toymaker
3.8 The Gunfighters
PDA39. Bunker Soldiers
3.9 The Savages
MA19. The Man In The Velvet Mask
3.10 The War Machines
4.1 The Smugglers
PDA54. Ten Little Aliens
4.2 The Tenth Planet

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